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At Siqalo Holdings Engineering (PTY)Ltd we specialise in Air Conditioning systems from initial design and installation through to maintenance contracts and repair.

We provide efficient and economical Air Conditioning for all types of environments, with a wide range of equipment designed to meet clients specific requirements. We take pride in our rapid response and we inspect, quote and repair on the same day you call us!!!

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Due to global climate change we are experiencing extreme rising temperatures. Temperatures worldwide are encouraging more people to invest in air conditioning. Air conditioners have become more affordable to customers now than few years back, a positive growth in the industry is visible expecially in private sector, no longer limited to wealth only. Prices have dropped significantly which increase in the number of people who are installing air conditioning both at work and residential areas. South African warm summer and extreme cold winter also play a big role in the growth of the demand air conditioning therefore air conditioners have becamein demand.

We offer world standard workmanshipship on aircondition installation services and mentaince. As well as on going research to assure our clients the latest in energy serving air conditioners, making our clients air condition repair service centre one of South Africa leading air conditioning supplies. At Siqalo Holdings refrigaretion and air conditioners repairs in Guateng and thoughout South Africa. Aircondition provide many benefits including comfort and relaxation. Commercial refrigaretion specialist and air conditioning servicing in Johannesburg helps in repairs, Servicing and Mantanance to:

  • Cassette air-conditioners
  • Hideaway air-conditioners
  • Mid wall split airconditioners
  • Window wall mounted air-conditioners
  • Conselo unit type air-conditioners
  • Portable air-conditioners
  • Hide away air-conditioners with ducting

We lead others following offering quality, central air condition system under ceiling air conditiners. When your vital refrigerator is broken down or not running efficiently call the experts, Siqalo Holdings, is the leading refrigaretion and air conditioning campany with knowledge to solve every problem.

If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air or If your air conditioner is tripping power or If your air conditioner is leaking water or If your fridge is not cold enough or If your fridge is not working at all, give Siqalo a call or fill in the form on the "Contact Us" page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You just to call or send Siqalo Holdings a message and our professional technicians will supply, intall, repair and service your conditioning.